In case of Emergency

You need to be aware of dialing procedures, how to use the local area codes when calling the emergency assistance services listed below. In hospitals and police stations in the south near the main tourism areas, people will understand you, when you speak in English. If you need assistance in a remote area, you should bring somebody along who speaks Indonesian.



  • Main Emergency = 112 (like 911)
  • Ambulance = 118
  • Search & Rescue = 111, 115, 151
  • Police = 110
  • Fire Dpt. 113

Dialing Procedure

  • If you have a mobile with Local SIM dial first 0361 (South Bali)
  • If you have International SIM dial first+62 361
  • Via Landline dial directly the emergency number

The country code for Indonesia is +62 and the area code for all of South Bali is (0)361 (incl. Gianyar, Ubud).



The new MAIN EMERGENCY NUMBER is 112. Make sure you use the country and area code depending on what SIM card or phone you are using.

Sometimes it might be faster to get a cab and drive to the nearest hospital or medical centre than calling an ambulance.

Balinese are always ready to help so if you are in an emergency don't hesitate to ask for assistance!

If you need to call abroad from Indonesia you need to use one of the following prefixes:
001 / 007 / 009 / 017 or 0107.

(0361 South Bali | 0362 North Bali | 0363 East Bali | 0365 West Bali | 0368 Bedugul).


Important Phone Numbers in Emergency



Other Important Numbers

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